Genetic Resource Management and Crop Improvement
S. No. Name of Equipment Model/Make
1 Trinocular Compound microscope Leica
2 Stereobinocular microscope DeWinter
3 Leaf Area Meter Spectra
4 Horizontal Electrophoresis set with power pack Spectra
5 Autoclave
6 Deep Fridge Optics Technology
7 B.O.D. Incubator Caltar
8 Laminar air flow cabinet (Vertical) Optics Technology
9 Electronic/precision Balance AND GH252
10 Hot air oven Optics Technology
Crop Production
S. No. Name of Equipment Model/Make
1 Nitrogen Analyzer Pelicon
2 AAS Agilent Technology
3 UV Vis Spectrophotometer Agilent Technology
4 Flame Photometer Systronics
5 Drip Irrigation Facilities Jain Irrigation Ltd
6 Modern Propagation Structures Rajdeep Agro
7 Computer facilities
8 Hi Precision Balance
Crop Protection
S. No. Name of Equipment Model/Make
1 Trinocular phase-contrast upright research microscope Nickon/ H600L
2 Stereo binocular microscope DeWinter
3 B.O.D. Incubator Caltar
4 Table Top centrifuge REMI
5 Vertical Autoclave MAC/MicroScientific
6 Hot air oven Sanco
7 Deep Fridge Optics Technology
8 Precision Balance Mettler Toledo/ ML802
9 Fridge LG
10 Vacuum Pump Tarson
11 Multiparameter PCS tester Eutech
12 Digital caliper Precision measuring Instrument
13 Microwave Oven LG
14 Hot Plate Optics Technology
Post-harvest Management and Value Addition

S. No.

Name of Equipment Model/Make
1. Modified Atmospheric Packaging
2. Hydro-cooling system Ambala Associate
3. Forced-air cooling system Celfrost (Professional)
4. Litchi grading Machine SANCO
5. Plastic strip sealing and packaging machine
6. Litchi Peeling Machine
7. Cold Storage Chamber Blue Star
8. B.O.D. Incubator
9. Cool chamber
10. Heating, cooling, humidity controller AICL
11. Digital Lab. Hot Plate TANCO
12. Electronic/precision Balance AICOSET
13. Bottle Washing machine MAC
14. Orbital incubator shaker SANCO
15. Digital Hand Refractometer ATAGO
16. Hot air oven SANCO
17. Hand Stacker Jet Tech-neck (TMST)
18. Defreeze Vista Biocell
19. Digital oven TANCO
20. Microprocessor pH meter Spectra analytical
21. Digital balance Wcom
22. Micro oven LG
23. Refrigerator Godrej